• Bad-Apple
    Bad Bad Apple

    Far from being ones to shy from a challenge, Apple saw Newscorp’s billion dollar tax escape and decided to try and raise it. Its a big boys club, and unless you have an offshore tax haven, you’re not invited.   Apple reportedly shuffled billions of dollars of earnings made in Australia into Ireland and in…

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  • washing machine
    How Big Business and Big Government are making you even smaller…

    With the recent furor surrounding the abuse of public funds by Labour Party’s Craig Thomson, its hard not to feel as though the media and government are hand in hand over-celebrating and parading the head of a scapegoat. Whilst Australia watches the dust settle on this small fish, the real abuse of power and funds…

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  • Taking-it-Back
    Taking it Back

    If you’re a human then you will more than likely have a Facebook account, and if you have one of those you would surely have been hit with a request to sign a petition in your news feed. Whether it’s the ease of the online format or the fact that more is wrong with the…

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  • spilled-pills
    What they dont want you to know about prescription medication

    According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2010, approx. 45 people died every day in the United States at the hands of prescription medication. To put this into perspective, fewer than 2 Americans are dying on average every day in the war on terror (that’s both wars in Afghanistan and Iraq combined)….

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  • united-states-of-paranoia new size
    About Last Night Rob

    Now whilst I’m not a fan of the Ellen DeGeneres show, I am a fan of Rob Lowe which is probably why whilst channel surfing last night I left this particular episode on. Trying my hardest to ignore the audience and Ellen, I couldn’t quite help but notice a very forced conversation surrounding conspiracy theories….

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  • earth-controls-new-size
    Nature not nurture

    If Climate Change could be run by the mafia, it would. In reference to the recent Guardian article “Australia, ‘hostage to climate change madness’? To say so is madness indeed”, we say madness indeed not. If the Climate Science debate wasn’t filled with snake oil salesman, as well as government and corporate profiteering rackets then…

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  • all-seeing-god-new-size
    Look familiar?

    Say what you want, but that All Seeing Eye on the Sydney Harbour bridge on New Years eve, courtesy of Reg Mombassa, remarkably resembled the Eye of God or Eye of Horus. For those who don’t know, the eye of god is the one you see on the American $1 note; on the British MI5…

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  • 889697-akademik-shokalskiy-new-size
    Global Warming Party Gatecrashed

    For a world supposedly getting increasingly warmer, the number of instances showing the opposite seems stiflingly blatant. Its like the story of the emperors’ clothes; is he really naked, but oh what wonderful garments, will the ‘little boy’ in the room shout ‘bullsh1t’ ? The weather may be changing, however at realcoldout (no pun intended)…

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