Global Warming Party Gatecrashed

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For a world supposedly getting increasingly warmer, the number of instances showing the opposite seems stiflingly blatant. Its like the story of the emperors’ clothes; is he really naked, but oh what wonderful garments, will the ‘little boy’ in the room shout ‘bullsh1t’ ?

The weather may be changing, however at realcoldout (no pun intended) we are more climate change than global warming. Climate change of the influenced by biotic processes, variations in solar radiation received by Earth, plate tectonics, and volcanic eruptions kind. Man, I am sure has his influence on this, but single-handedly throwing Oscar the Polar Bear off his ice paddy – I doubt it.

Someone forgot to tell the Antartic we're in the midst of a global warming

Someone forgot to tell the Antarctic we’re in the midst of a global warming

So whilst Al Gore complains about our carbon footprint in-between taking private jets around the world, and founding companies directly profiting from the carbon tax policies, a Russian Ship with a bunch of scientists is frozen stuck in the Antarctica, in ice 14ft deep. Ice, which has since expanded another staggering 9 miles out to sea within days…and all this during Summer.

Oh and then there were the poor camels in Egypt, who thought they might have taken a wrong turn when blankets of snow-covered their humps in the city of Cairo for the first time in a century…hold on, how many years? Didn’t the temperature drastically increase over the last 100 years? Hey Al, the camels just called, they want their sh1t back.

The theories surrounding Earth’s greatest ‘threat’ range from; we will die within a 100 years unless everyone pays a global tax, ahem, I mean carbon tax, to curb the pollution rate of the 90 odd companies that account for the 70% of the world’s pollution; to Climategate, well err, it isn’t happening, and yes we did just read the emails of the scientific community investigating this very issue stating they were baffled as to where more supporting data of the global warming theory is likely to come from.

What’s interesting to note is that over the last 100 years the media have ping ponged back and forth from tinkering on the brink of an ice age in the late 1890s, to global warming in the 1920s, to another global cooling in 1975, and then lo and behold the ‘Heateth Cometh’ in 1981, which seems to have stuck around. In fact in as little as a generation ago, every major news publication from Time magazine to the New York Times were headlining imminent Ice Ages.

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Apart from Ice Ages being all the rage, 1972 saw some of the worst flooding in centuries throughout the US, Japan and Pakistan. The rest of the world’s ears were ringing with the alarming reports of unusually cold winters here, and seasonally dryer than normal springs there. What’s happening now is something we’ve either seen before but probably forgotten due to the overwhelming hysteria of the press, as well as the constant bombardment of what Miley or Justin or Kim has instagrammed; or someone else from another generation / lifetime has seen. There is a reason people use the phrase, ‘Just about as unpredictable as the weather” to describe someone who is erratic and capricious.


Somewhere in the middle no doubt lies the truth, however in the meantime there will,as ever, be plenty of rich and powerful people taking advantage of and making huge amounts of money from it.

So, until the ‘little boy’ calls it like he sees it, people like save-the-environment poster boy Al will be thumbing through his wads of carbon neutral cash from his electricity munching home in Nashville, which just by the by consumes more electricity in one month than the average American household in a year  – offset of course I’m sure.


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