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How Big Business and Big Government are making you even smaller…

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With the recent furor surrounding the abuse of public funds by Labour Party’s Craig Thomson, its hard not to feel as though the media and government are hand in hand over-celebrating and parading the head of a scapegoat. Whilst Australia watches the dust settle on this small fish, the real abuse of power and funds still continues.


Save us the insult, don’t kill a pigeon and tell us u got the goose. Craig Thomson is guilty, and perhaps his sentencing may have been different under Labour’s power, but making an example of a little man if not to deter and warn the bigger men is pointless ‘witch-hunt’ publicity (see we really don’t stand for corruption) and self-righteous authoritative showmanship.


HSBC, in 2012, paid a $1.9 billion dollar fine and in so doing avoided criminal prosecution for laundering billions of dollars for drug barons, terrorists and other criminals. Last year they were again in the news for money laundering, this time in Argentina.


News Corp, through a ludicrous technicality, and more than likely off a Tony Abbott backed declaration that  Australia is open for “Big” Business, recently snuck through a high court ruling which sees them paid back almost a billion dollars in tax revenue, resulting in unneeded budget cuts according to Treasurer Joe Hockey. A ‘thank you’ if you would from big business.



The fact is big business is getting away with ‘murder’ every day, so planting Craig Thomson’s face on the front cover of the newspaper, whilst Murdoch’s story gets shuffled to page 11, and the HSBC news, well I’ve yet to see it covered in one of NewsCorps lines of media. I’m sure they were too busy working on stories to grease up the conservatives, now that every natural resource and country owned asset is up for sale.


The problem is government’s focus is corporate heavy and citizen light. It has replaced human contact with a cold-hearted legal entity, only showing signs of compassion every 4 years when it’s time for an election. The rest of the time their sole focus is on lowering taxes for big business, relaxing laws and catering anyway they can to ensure a small to medium term vision is kept in place – employment and the latest GDP figures.


Now whilst those are important factors in the wellbeing of the average person, the true test is what is left when these companies are gone. Have they sold off our most precious resources on the cheap? Have they stripped the soul of the country to leave behind an empty carcass, spilled dreams and a damaged ecosystem?


Toyota and Holden closures, along with the looming threat of mine closures all represent industries that have dug deep into country resources, whether it be government subsidies or natural resources. When they move onto greener pastures the country is left with nothing but mass lay-offs and a dirt graveyard.


The closure of banks in the US in the aftermath of the GFC (enter ‘greed-filled-credit-bubble’ here) cost taxpayers $17 billion. The key orchestrators walked away relatively unscathed, unprosecuted, and as far as walking into advisory positions for Obamas new government, unhindered. Again relaxed laws and the government’s over mothering led to these spoilt children, outside of having received significant tax breaks during their tenure, virtually guaranteed from ever having to sit in the naughty corner for any of their transgressions.


Where are the taxpayers in all of this you may ask? Not in site, until Election Day that is, yes we can.



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