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Say what you want, but that All Seeing Eye on the Sydney Harbour bridge on New Years eve, courtesy of Reg Mombassa, remarkably resembled the Eye of God or Eye of Horus. For those who don’t know, the eye of god is the one you see on the American $1 note; on the British MI5 emblem and the one synonymous with Freemasonry. It is depicted showing an eye surrounded by rays of light and usually enclosed by a triangle.


With its origins in Egyptian mythology, it has also become the symbol of satanists and black magicians the world over. Try having a medium half-caf no-foam non-fat vanilla soy latte with Aleister Crowley or Michael W. Ford without one of them bringing it up. Even before the occultist’s version of Monopoly, the Ouija Board, was released our dark attired and depressing friends have looked upon this symbol with about as much excitement as a teen receiving a SnapChat message. In Hollywood films the symbol has always been associated, if not with the bad guy, then at least with something very sinister. The New World Order, or Illuminati are notorious in their regard for and usage of this very symbol.



American Dollar Bill and British Intelligence Agency MI5 Emblem

newworldorderforwebSo the big question is, after all these suspicious associations, why is the City of Sydney parading this symbol as the flagship of the 2014 New Years celebrations? Why not just put a swastika on the bridge, after all it is the Hindu symbol for wealth and prosperity long before the Nazis got hold of it. I’m sure all Sydneysiders could do with a bit of good fortune this year considering energy prices are set to rise, along with transport and other day to day costs – thanks city of Sydney.

Well I’ll go on and state the obvious seeing as how you aren’t here right now to say it for me – because you would have Alan Jones’ 2GB radio telephone exchange collapsing under the weight of calls from disgruntled citizens; riot police guarding the steps of the council; and the world’s press coming down harder on the country than a night out with Nigella. Yet throw up a World Oppression and Big Brother symbol and the world is more than ok, in fact most wouldn’t have made a connection, and the others wouldn’t have cared. We wouldn’t care because along with instant gratification, if it doesn’t affect us right this very second, we are ok with it. Fracking practices affecting the environment, oil companies polluting on gargantuan levels, and governments filling their bank accounts and power jollies at the long term price of the people…*deep breath…pause for a second…hear anything, or see anything bad right infront of you this instant? No, as you were then. As long as we can still upload selfies to Facebook, photograph our sandwiches for Instagram, and send pics of our nobs on SnapChat, we’ll be ok.


The problem with this is that societies decline is best summed up in the 1995 French film La Haine,

Heard about the guy who fell off a skyscraper? On his way down past each floor, he kept saying to reassure himself: So far so good… so far so good… so far so good.

Perhaps when we hit the bottom, we might all look back on the 2014 New Years emblem with disdain, we might even mutter to our children how we didn’t really enjoy that New Years for some funny reason. Until then, roll on 2014, this is your year…as you were.

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