Taking it Back

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If you’re a human then you will more than likely have a Facebook account, and if you have one of those you would surely have been hit with a request to sign a petition in your news feed. Whether it’s the ease of the online format or the fact that more is wrong with the world, or both, the online petition is growing.


From stopping the stolen orcas being put on show in Sochi, to Monsanto’s stronghold on GM grain and its onward march to owning food, the latter of which was lost, petitions are being served up with more fervor than a bowl of punch at Jim Jones convention.


While no one will ever be completely happy with all of the government’s decisions, the very core of its existence should be to have the people’s best interest at heart. Instead, governments the world over seem to be in the pocket of big business and corporations. Kickbacks, corruption and abuse of treasury funds seem to words synonymous with our more often-than-not fat, greedy, lazy and old parliamentary custodians.


If sanctioning the privatization of grain and seed for farmers with a ‘one harvest only’ seed variation, whilst neglecting farmers who’s natural grain is contaminated in favour of company profits is in the interests of people then please show me how.


monsanto-1Firms like Monsanto are creating a dependent model, similar to the car and oil relationship, and then monopolizing the market with patents and seed rights. Yes, they are on their way to owning the rights to food, don’t pay them and u wont be able to eat, try grow your own and you stand to be prosecuted.


The question comes back to government and their role in modern society? Has the current structure been so corrupted or perhaps lost their way so much that we no longer need, or more importantly want them? More often than not the party or leader voted for come election time is one chosen out of a ‘best-of-the-bad-bunch’ type of strategy. The fact that parties in Australia can then ‘sell’ their votes to another party to help that party get over the line or gain more seats in parliament seems not only ludicrous but unethical to. They seem to have adopted this practice from the same one that allows them to take power given to them by the people, and then give it to corporations to make money.


The growing trend in online petitions suggests, and maybe hints at, a new way of bringing into action forms of governance people actually want and need to see. Perhaps a sign that we have outgrown this dinosaur of an institution, after all the whole idea that we ply our hard earned cash, not just every month in income tax, but then again every day in sales taxes, road taxes, property taxes, etc into a body that seems to be in bed with another body with unrelated interests at heart seems preposterous.


One surely wouldn’t pay for a cab into the city, and then instead hire a car and drive themselves, nor would one pay someone to do their tax returns and then do them themselves? So why are we paying a government and then finding the need to do it ourselves; or worse yet, spend out time, money and efforts trying to undo what they’ve done.


Break up time

It’s time to break up with our government. Yes it won’t be easy and yes there will be a correction period, but we need to be on our own for a while. To discover ourselves again and what we want. For too long our interests have been left on the side in favour of corporations and minister’s power trips. It’s time to come to terms with having been cheated on for so long.


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