What they dont want you to know about prescription medication

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According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2010, approx. 45 people died every day in the United States at the hands of prescription medication. To put this into perspective, fewer than 2 Americans are dying on average every day in the war on terror (that’s both wars in Afghanistan and Iraq combined). This makes going to your local doctor more dangerous than crossing a creek in Eastern Kabul wrapped in an American flag whilst whistling Yankee doodle.


pill-statsWhilst this statistic may be hard to believe, finding any more recently dated information online is much harder, especially when compared to statistics on illicit drug deaths, which are only a few clicks away. A small observation I’m sure conspiracy theorists don’t need Viagra to get excited about. Side note here – No of course big business hasn’t put the lid on releasing these types of PR disaster type statistics and their lobbyists aren’t working overtime. Calm down, it’s all above board. It’s just a case of the numbers being finalized …anytime…soon.

Anomaly aside, according to a recent study over 60% of Americans are on some form of prescription medication, of which, over a third relates to anti-depressants and OPRs (opioid pain relievers).



If you don’t belieb this, just ask Justin Bieber who recently got done for racing his Lamborghini under the influence of alcohol and prescription medication. It seems everyone is on them. But its not just the teens and lost youth abusing them, amongst women aged 40-50 years old, one in four were found to be taking some form of anti-depressant medication.

This growing popularity, ease of access, and blind eye turned by the government when it comes to the legislation around Pharmaceutical companies and the dangerous drugs they are pushing is causing experts concern.


Massacres on Meds

A brief look over the most harrowing gun attacks in public places reveal all these shooters were on some form of anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication.












The list goes on and on and after every occurrence there is a heated debate over gun law and the constitutional rights to own them, yet not once do you hear Piers Morgan bringing the pharmaceutical companies to task. Not once is there ever talk of tighter control, or stricter FDA measures over ‘legal’ drug safety.

A new report just released describes Ambien (a sleeping pill) to have bizarre and dangerous effects. A simple search of Ambien related incidences will return anything from child molestation, to car accidents, to even murder. Nope…still no CNN special on it, or calls for reform.

If the pharmaceutical industry wasn’t the multi billion dollar industry it was, if there weren’t so much money being made from it, would government do the right thing and put people first, like they are supposed to? The problem is that with that much money comes a lot of power and influence. From lobbyists, to political campaign backing, to threats of pulling ad revenue from TV stations, the pharmaceuticals seem to be the ones grinding the organs, whilst us monkeys do a little dance.



Pharmageddon is a term used to describe “the prospect of a world in which medicines and medicine produce more ill-health than health, and when medical progress does more harm than good”. Possibly not a movie to be soundtracked by Aerosmith, but if we could get Bruce Willis on our side, we may just have a chance of turning things around. Goodness knows government wont, its head is to far up its ambien-valent ass, and from there, where its ears and eyes are closed to the people that matter, the people for which they are there for in the first place, the smell of kickbacks is just too good for them to leave.



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